A monthly Bengali one-page e-mag published by the Department of Economics, Manbhum Mahavidyalaya exclusively for the students (in general) of Manbhum Mahavidyalaya.


  1. To popularize the subject of Economics among the students of the college;
  2. To disseminate basic economics-related knowledge (theoretical, practical and information-oriented) among the students for use in their daily life;
  3. To help students to form their perspectives in the broader context of national and international affairs related to Economics.


Year 1 – Issue 1: September 2021

Year 1 – Issue 2: October 2021

Year 1 – Issue 3: November 2021

Dr. Partha Sarathi Mandal
TIC, Manbhum Mahavidyalaya

Honorary Editor
Prof. Amitava Banerjee
HOD, Dept. of Economics

Dr. Amajit Basu, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Economics
Dr. Sadhan Kumbhakar, SACT, Dept. of Economics