Management of Facilities

All physical, academic and support facilities within the college are visited by the GB Members once a year. Besides, the Teacher-in-Charge pays all these facilities periodic visits. In case, in between, any facility needs attention, the respective person in charge of that facility informs the Teacher-in-Charge and the Teacher-in-Charge, up on verification, issues fresh funds for repair.

All computers and some machines in the college are covered by AMCs. For other electronic and electric appliances, local mechanics are called when needed. Periodic servicing of all machines is carried out.

Gardens are maintained by the NSS. But, professional gardeners are also appointed for this purpose. Regular dusting, sweeping and cleaning of the classrooms, library, office rooms, laboratories, storages, shelves, toilets, other rooms and all the passages and stairs, college gates, streets and gardens etc. are a top priority of the college authority.

If an appliance is found not worth repairing, it is sold (except UGC funded ones) and new appliance is bought at that place. If any appliance is no more used or stays unutilized due to infrastructural improvements or modernization, such outdated appliances are also sold (except UGC funded ones).

College gives special attention to cleanliness and to getting riddance from wastes. The college considers that completion of buying and installing of any new equipment occurs only when it comes into practice of regular usage.