COVID-19 Task Group

COVID-19 Task Group has been constituted following the UGC Guideline dated 5th November 2020.


Its objective is to ensure COVID-19-safe environment at the college premises by managing regular health check-up of the stakeholders accessing the campus, by managing entry-point thermal check-up of the persons entering the campus and entry-point sanitization, by managing any in-campus sudden detection of persons showing symptoms of COVID-19 infection, by maintaining contact with the local hospitals and doctors, by managing COVID-19 positive separation room, by facilitating and managing frequent hand sanitization of the persons present in the campus, by managing uninterrupted wearing of three-layered mask by any person present in the campus, by spreading and displaying promotional materials for COVID-19 safety rules and practices, by managing frequent sanitization of the college premises (including objects of regular use), by stopping spitting within the campus, and by negotiating with the college authority on a regular basis for improvement in the safety measures and standards.

Members of the COVID-19 Task Group

  1. Dr. Partha Sarathi Mandal (TIC), Convener
  2. Dr. Mamata Malik (HOD, Dept. of Physical Education), Chief Executive
  3. Dr. Pradip Kumar Mandal (HOD, Dept. of History)
  4. Dr. Asutosh Biswas (HOD, Dept. of Bengali)
  5. Dr. Abdul Kadir (HOD, Dept. of English)
  6. Prof. Shambhu Nath Soren (HOD, Dept. of Santali)
  7. Prof. Asim Kumar Goswami (HOD, Dept. of Political Science)
  8. Prof. Amitava Banerjee (HOD, Dept. of Economics)
  9. Dr. Hafizul Molla (HOD, Dept. of Mathematics)
  10. Prof. Anirban Hatial (HOD, Dept. of Geography)
  11. Prof. Tuhin Kar (HOD, Dept. of Commerce)
  12. Prof. Pallab Kumar Das (HOD, Dept. of Computer Science)
  13. Prof. Madhab Chandra Gope (HOD, Dept. of Education)
  14. Prof. Chandan Chatterjee (HOD, Dept. of Sociology)
  15. Dr. Monalisha Dhibar (HOD, Dept. of Physics)
  16. Dr. Ishani Majumdar (HOD, Dept. of Chemistry)
  17. Sri Chittaranjan Bauri, Head Clerk
  18. Sri Hariram Rajowar, Caretaker

Emergency Contact

  1. Dr. Mamata Malik – 94741 72499
  2. Dr. Pradip Kumar Mandal – 96095 44633